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My name is MaMaT, known as Holly Timm by my non-irc friends. In late March of 1998, I started holding irc chat sessions for the discussion of html stuff that was sometimes taking over the genealogy channels on the server. The general purpose of the chat sessions was to meet to discuss, share, learn about and help with the creation, design and maintenance of web pages and sites which present genealogy, both data sites and family history oriented sites.

Although I moderate the sessions and try to keep us on topic, these are not lectures. It's more like sitting around having coffee with friends, sharing ideas, thoughts, discoveries and knowledge. Some of us who attend have been doing genealogy web pages for quite a while but we often learn more. Many who come started out as beginners who never wrote a web page before. One of those now has five WorldgenWeb sites and another has four USGenWeb counties and a local genealogy society site. Both have personal sites as well.

We have few rules, primarily those of normal politeness and decent behavior (not that we have ever had any rude or indecent behavior ). We generally operate by consensus but when push comes to shove, the buck stops on my desk.

The sessions are twice on Sundays, once at 6:30 AM Eastern US time, usually referred to as the early bird or international group, and again at 11:30 AM Eastern US time, simply referred to as Second Session. The channel is #htmlhelp on the server. For information about getting started on chat, there are a number of excellent web sites listed at:

Cyndi's List - IRC page

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