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psp7 beta2 Preset

Okay, PSP6's Preset Shapes were useful but they were like a peanut butter sandwich compared to an eight course gourmet meal when you check out PSP7's Preset Shapes!

In PSP6, the option palette, at left, had a limited selection of shapes and options for stroked (outlined), filled, or stroked AND filled. You could choose the width of the stroke and set antialias or vector.

When it came to drawing shapes, you drew from the center point outwards. Set to filled or to stroked, left click used foreground color and right click used background color; set to stroked and filled, left click got foreground stroke, background fill and right click got background stroke, foreground fill.

PSP7 brings a number of changes to Preset Shapes and wonderful choices. NOTE: See below regarding the Retain Style checkbox. First, there are changes in the drawing movement:

  • the left click draws from the corner of a boundary box* and uses the top style box for the outline and the second style box for the fill
  • right click draws from the center out and retains the same outline and fill colors as the left click

    *An indication of this boundary box can be seen in the samples below that were set to vector images

Below are just SOME of the preset shapes to choose from:

And here are just SOME of the line style choices:

I was going to do some step by steps on some specific images done with preset shapes but there are sooooo many choices and combinations I got to having too much fun instead! Below are screen captures from some of my *FUN* showing the shape options and color/texture options used for each. Try duplicating them or better yet, play around with Preset Shapes yourself!





RETAIN STYLE: When this tutorial was written, boxes for Retain Style were checkmarked but the results were in error. This tutorial has been corrected by removing the check mark. See further for an explanation of the Retain Style and some added beta 3 Preset Shapes.

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