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The Standard Toolbar above is, by default, docked across the top of the PSP workspace. It can be made into a floating palette by clicking on a space in between the icons and dragging away from the top. Once undocked (floating), you can resize into a box. More on resizing floating palettes is on the effects toolbar page. To dock the toolbar on either side or top or bottom of the workspace, drag it to the edge you wnat it on and let go.

Whether it is docked or floating, you can make it appear and disappear by tapping the T key. Try it!

The Standard Toolbar icons are grouped in sections:

File Management

New --- Open --- Save --- Print

Operations Buttons

UnDo --- ReDo --- Cut --- Copy --- Paste

Screen View Buttons
(discussed on the Workspace page)

Full Screen --- Normal

Open and Close Palettes and Windows

Tools --- Options --- Colors --- Histogram --- Layers --- OverView

Miscellaneous Buttons

Context Sensitive Help --- Screen Capture

File Management

Create a New File, holding down the Shift key while clicking this button will
get you a new file with the same properties as the last new file you opened

Open File, gets the Open File dialog box

Saves the current image file

Prints the current image

Operations Buttons

Undoes image operations in reverse order (working backwards),
limit of undo operations are set in preferences

Restores what you have undone

Deletes the selection from the image and places on the clipboard for paste operations

Copies the selection into the clipboard for paste operations

Pastes what is in the clipboard into a new image. To paste as new selection
or other possibilities, use Paste on the Edit menu or right click on the image.

Open and Close Palettes and Windows

Open/Close the Tool Palette (keyboard shortcut=P )

Open/Close the Options Palette (keyboard shortcut=O )
[The Options Palettes are described with the applicable tools]

Open/Close the Color Palette (keyboard shortcut=C )

Open/Close the Histogram Window (keyboard shortcut=H )

Open/Close the Layers Palette (keyboard shortcut=L )

Open/Close the Overview Window (keyboard shortcut=W )

Miscellaneous Buttons

Click on this button and then on whatever tool or window or item you want help on

Start a Screen Capture

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