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In late March of 1998, MaMaT started the #htmlhelp channel so people could meet and share about html techniques and theory in regards to the particular needs and challenges of genealogy sites. From the start, the channel has focused on the basics of coding, structure and accessibility issues with the beginning web creator in mind. Our basic vision has been to discuss, share, learn about and help with the creation, design and maintenance of web pages and sites which present genealogy, both data sites and family history oriented sites, including county and country sites.

Many of our regulars have directories right here on the htmlhelp site and are working on tutorials and other projects. We're a bunch of unique individuals and you're likely to find quite a variety of page styles and presentation methods. Hopefully you'll find them useful but their basic existence is as testing grounds and learning pages - some of them were the very first pages done by an individual.

Visit some of the regulars pages and explore the links to their own sites.... Check out the channel page to find out more about what our meetings are like... Join our mail list for announcements of upcoming topics and events and for asking questions, especially desparate cries for help when that page won't work!!! To go directly to some of our regulars tutorials, check out our Tips and Tutorials page.

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