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I am Lorraine Sonnenberg Newsome, aka SunnyMtJr. or just plain "Sunny". I have been involved in MaMaT's Sunday morning HTML sessions since this past spring and have become Dr. Frankenstein's monster! I am now responsible for more web pages than I can keep track of! MaMa has gotten me into more trouble than she wants to admit, but it is trouble I am loving the devil out of!

The mother of two sons, grandmother of two beautiful girls, I am an employee of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority here on the North Coast, Cleveland, Ohio. I have worked there for almost 13 years. Before that, I was a barmaid at one of the corner bars on the near west side of Cleveland.

Genealogy has become one of my passions within the last four years. This one I owe to my father. He started researching his parents and I figured it was time someone researched my mother's family. He also got me hooked on computers. I have worked on some very slow computers and still am very far from the cutting edge. But maybe, one day, I will get there! Probably no time soon, but one day.

Enough about me. I am, for all purposes, a very boring person. No real exitement, no award winning anything... just a woman with a computer having fun.

The reason for this page is simple. I have taken on the duties of editing the HTML Session logs. These will be available to everyone from a second page linked to from this one. It may take me a while, but trust me, they will get up there!

Since I spend most of my Sundays during the summer at a campground in Huron, Ohio, (ok, so I spend every one I can there), I have several from the summer to download and edit. But as I get them completed, I will have them up.

I am happy to announce the new HTML Help Log Index!!!! Finally, some of the logs I have edited are available here... I do have much work on the others I had edited, so they will be up as soon as I get them finished...

Have fun and come back soon!!

HTML Help Log Index

Then there are my other Pages......

Lorraine's Pages The Greater Cleveland Genealogical Society,

Of course, you can always send me email, just to remind me....
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