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The Members of the #htmlhelp got together one Sunday morning for our regular Chat session, and one of our members (our own DearMYRT) mentioned an idea for this project.

We started with a common GEDCOM file, but ran into problems with some of the programs having problems importing the new 5.5 GEDCOM. So we have narrowed the scope of our project to just the output of programs that produce stand alone HTML pages.

We have also had volunteers to try some of the Shareware programs out there that change GEDCOM files into HTML. So if you are one of the many people who use Family Tree Maker, and don't want to give them your GEDCOM file to put up on their site. We have alternatives for you to look at. just use the link for Family Tree Maker and you will go to another page with information on all the Shareware options out there.

If you would like to read a statement of what our project is about and the specifics of it, we have our Project Statement

The members of our project are:
Site owner and #htmlhelp host: Holly Timm - aka MaMaT
WebTree Coordinator: Thom Foulks
WebTree Page Designer: Mary Ann Hetrick - aka CCMahoni

WebTree Test Guinea pigs...oops "Volunteer Testers", and their programs:
Ultimate Family Tree Deluxe 2.7 by Palladium Interactive - Mary Ann Hetrick (CCmahoni)
Family Tree Maker 4.0 & 6.0 -- Lorraine Sonnenberg Newsome (Sunny), Marion McCreadie (sallyann)
Ancestral Quest 2.1, from Ancestry -- Marge Reid (MsMarge)
GED2HTML (v.?) -- Marion McCreadie (sallyann) [and Sunny?]
GED2WWW 2.0 - - Mary Ann Hetrick (CCmahoni)
Generations EasyTree 5.2, from Sierra. -- Thom Foulks, DearMYRT
Family Origins 7.0, from Parsons. -- Thom Foulks
The Master Genealogist (v.?), Holly Timm (MaMaT)

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These Pages are Copyrighted © 1999 By Mary Ann Hetrick & the #htmlhelp group.
The background and other images are copyrighted © 1999, by Mary Ann Hetrick. They are only used with permission for this project, and may not be copied without the expressed written permission of the artist.

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