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Family Origins

Generations Easy Tree (GET) is only one component, although the lead item, of Generations Grande Suite, a 12-CDROM package of software and reseach files from Sierra Online. (Aside from Easy Tree and a Snapshot graphics application, the package even includes a cookbook/recipe package.) It is offered at $79.95, but has been seen marked down dramatically during introductory marketing.

Easy Tree is capable of producing a wide variety of Web page/HTML reports -- almost anything you can send to the printer. It surprisingly lacks a straightforward means of excluding personal information about living people. (Its help file suggests you cut off such data at about 1900, but then gives you no tips on how to do so easily.)

For each of the differing styles of Web reports, Easy Tree creates a similar, linked, multi-page directory structure with the expectation you will transfer the entire structure to your Web site. This may be a little more complex than a beginning Web master is prepared to cope with. But the linked HTML pointers are accurate, and easy to follow online.

For my share of the GET demonstration files, I have included its Ahnentafel report and a Descendant report for some of my major-surname ancestors. My only editing has been to revise its output-directory names produced on my local machine, to a structure compatible with this demonstration project.

- Thom Foulks

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