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  Having used Family Tree Maker for my genealogy program for several years (5 years actually), I was rather disappointed to find out that it would not create a "stand alone" html file. In order to create "stand alone" HTML, one would have to use a conversion program. We found some programs that will be reviewed. They are listed below and to see a review of them, just follow the link. Only one will be used in conjunction with Family Tree Maker, that one is the ged2html program. This is done by creating a GEDCOM from your family tree and then "merged" (for lack of a better word) with ged2html. Both Sallyann and myself, Sunny, use Family Tree Maker. Sallyann has version 4.0 and I have version 6.0. You can check out our reviews of this at: ged2html site.

For the HTML files, Family Tree Maker does have a semi-solution, though. You can, as a registered user, get a web site from their home pages. You can also publish your family tree information to the site. I have done this, although I must say that I am not very happy with the results. The initial web site they offer, has a series of options for background. You have no control over colors, type faces or any of the good stuff. There is not even any control over line breaks, paragraph breaks or anything of that sort. I entered things so that each child's name would be a separate line with a space between the opening paragraph and the children's names. I then added a blank line between the children's names and the closing paragraph. Needless to say, it is all run together as one lengthy paragraph. Here is the final outcome: Lacquement Links.

When I used the "Publish Your Family Tree" option from the menu bar on the Family Tree Maker program (which is the only way you can do it... believe me, I tried!) I was extremely disappointed with the outcome. There is only a partial tree, with confusing instructions. Visit the Lacquement Tree page which is a partial tree that I uploaded. The living persons are not masked except that the information is limited. The trees are not very attractive or easy to manipulate. I only have about three generations loaded to this site and it loads slowly. I would not like to have to sit by while a database of about 1,000+ names loads.

For just genealogy, Family Tree Maker is great. But for putting together the information into HTML format for uploading to the internet, it leaves much to be desired.

Lorraine Newsome

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