ged2html is a shareware product which generates two different types of reports. It is a simple program to use, but unlike other products, it does not appear to have the ability to mask the details of living persons. You would, therefore, need to edit your GEDCOM before running this program.

After opening the program and entering the location of the GEDCOM file, I went to 'Option Editing' and clicked on 'Edit'. This took me to the screen where, after clicking 'More Options', you select the type and contents of the reports.

Under 'Output Style' I selected 'Individuals'. In the next section, the only one I selected was 'Individuals per File', where I entered '100', on the basis that the more per file, the less files. In the bottom section, I checked all 8 boxes regarding the output files to create. After clicking 'OK' it returned me tp the previous screen where there is provision for you to add your Home Page URL, and your Mail-to address. Once you click 'OK' here, your GEDCOM is converted to html.

The other thing it does not appear to have is the option of adding a background or background colour. However, it is a simple matter to open the 'persons', 'sources', 'surnames' and 'index' files it creates and add your background details to the <BODY> tag. It also adds the 'path' for your GEDCOM file to the 'persons' and 'surnames' pages which you might want to delete by editing these pages.

To view the output when 'Individuals' is selected, click here.

I then went back in and selected the Output Style 'Family Group Sheets', with the same options selected as for the 'Individuals'.

To view the output when 'Family Group Sheets' is selected, click here.

One thing of note is that unlike some of the other programs, this one does include 'Notes' in its various output styles.

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