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GedPage 2.0

GedPage 2.0 has a unregesterd version that you can use that doesn't have all the features to use. like adding backgrounds, and pictures.

Listed in the Help file:

Without a registration key, Gedpage has the following restrictions:

You will be limited to using a colored background as opposed to a graphic background.

An 'UNREGISTERED' message will appear at the top of every generated page.

A 'nag' screen will appear when exiting Gedpage.

The Notes feature will be disabled.

The Soundex Codes feature will be disabled.

The Sources feature will be disabled.

when you start you have a very easy to use popup. that allows you to chage the color of the Background, the Text, link and visited link. You can also add your homepage url a nice advantage if you have a different page for other names)

You also have the option of changing their Header and Footer, but you have to use a text editor to do this before you make the page (this is listed in the help file), you should do this before you use gedpage to make a page with it.

You will also need to be aware of one feature you will need to check when you upload your pages.
From the help file:

Gedpage is compiled for windows 3.1. Windows 3.1 which runs under DOS, which does not have upper/lower case file names. When you run Gedpage under win95 (which does have upper/lower case file names), it gives a case to the file names...either uppercase or, with an uppercase first letter. You can get around this by using some ftp programs. One is available for download from my page that will upload the files as lowercase.

Also when making a link to your newly created pages from your home page, it is important that there, you also have the filenames as lowercase, and note that the extensions are .htm (not .html).

Two inportant things to keep in mind when creating and uploading these pages.

Once you have entered your Colors for your page

Here is one version of what this program will produce at Gedpage1

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